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A popular trend in these dangerous and economically challenging times is to solve the problems relating to the safety and welfare of elderly relatives by housing them on the family property in a cottage or “granny flat”. This is often an ideal solution as the family members in question can maintain the dignity and independence of living in their own homes while at the same time having assistance and care within easy reach.

We are a company that designs and installs intercom systems for residential properties, and our many years of experience have given us a unique understanding of the application of these systems to many scenarios in addition to the security of perimeters and access points. Using an intercom system to link your “granny flat” to the main house is an ideal solution to keeping in contact with your elderly family members, in case a situation arises where urgent communication could be of vital importance if you need Intercom repairs   Hospitaalpark  .

This idea can be extended to the use of a system of camera and audio modules linked to your mobile phone, giving you the ability to monitor conditions in the “granny flat” even when you are not at home, giving you and your relatives complete peace of mind.

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