Attachment Programme

SADC REEP - This programme provides an opportunity for EE practitioners to spend an average of 10 days working with others on the development/adaptation of learning support materials, curricula and programmes, as well as discussing EE theories and doing practical work.

The Attachment Programme is a 10-day capacity development course that is composed of two parts. The first part is mainly content of Environment and Sustainability issues together with theories guiding Environmental Education (EE) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) practice.  This is content that is necessary for participants to more deeply understand environment and sustainability issues in their EE and ESD practice. This understanding is used to shape and deepen participants’ EE / ESD Change Project (an educational response that they design to respond to an environmental or sustainability issue in their practice). This period is very participatory as participants interact with information from presentations, reading materials, videos, and excursions as well as sharing of experiences. All resources and activities are adaptable to local conditions. This is a hands-on course requiring a high level of involvement from all participants. Brief lectures, extensive fieldwork, group discussions and small projects ensure an enriching experience.

The second part provides an opportunity for the EE / ESD practitioners to work individually with support from others from throughout the SADC region on the development/adaptation of learning support materials, curricula and programmes which are useful for implementing their EE / ESD Change Project. Group discussions support participants to shape their ideas behind curriculum /project/ programme/resource development so that they take a more critical stance as they develop their projects. Individual attention and tutorship is available throughout the programme. Participants will have 24-hour access to computers with Internet connection.

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Regional Training Programmes (RTPs)

SADC REEP - A Special Attachment Programme is a similar training course to the Attachment Programme but has more specific objectives and expected outcomes especially relevant to a particular group of participants.SADC REEP supports capacity development in mainstreaming of EE/ESD in Teacher Education and Natural Resource Management and Agriculture sectors through courses packaged as  regional training programmes. They are based on the Change Project Framework, which is an individual’s project with institutional outcomes.

An RTPis similar to an Attachment Programme but is more sector specific and objectives and expected outcomes are especially relevant to a particular group of participants. It is often developed to respond to the needs of organisations or governmental institutions.

RTPs conducted to date include a Teacher Education Network EE/ESD course and an EE / ESD in Natural Resources/ Agriculture sectors course.

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