Development and Strengthening of Training Capacity in Environmental Education

The objective of this component of the programme is to support the development of capacity within the SADC region to respond to environmental issues through improved environmental education processes and training activities.

In recent years, a range of training opportunities has been developed at the SADC Regional Environmental Education Centre and other environmental education centres in the SADC region. These activities include long residential training courses, professional attachment programmes, short training courses and expert exchanges. Some of these courses have been regional in nature while others have been run at a country level.

Some of these courses have focused on environmental education process within specific contexts (for example, industry, agriculture, formal education, community based natural resource management) while others have brought together educators from a wide range of environmental fields.

This range of courses has enabled environmental education practitioners to access, develop and group training options depending on their particular capacity and needs. Particularly useful in the development and implementation of training opportunities has been the clarification of broad orienting principles for curriculum development and the production of flexible and easily adaptable course material. The different training opportunities have also formed the basis of much of the informal networking in the region.

Strong professional relationships have been enabled by giving participants meaningful opportunities to contribute within the courses and by encouraging home assignments that involve other environmental education practitioners in the region. The focus on producing tangible programmes and resource materials both during the course and as home assignments has contributed significantly to the SADC Regional EE Programme.


SADC Regional Environmental Education Programme