Find a Way To Participate

Find a way to participate ..

Find a way to participate ..
A.    As a group
B.    As an individual

A. National consultations :

A national workshop will be run in your country for national stakeholders during July / August. Contact Tichaona Pesanayi (consultations co-ordinator - see contact details below) to find out who to contact in your country for more details on the national workshop if you represent a national stakeholder organisation.

National Network Representatives from all SADC Member States, together with key partners in each country, will be hosting the national workshops.

Local-level consultations : You are invited to host a small-scale, local level consultation in your community, town or organisation . A 'workshop toolkit' is available to guide local level consultations. See the SADC-REEP website

If you need further information on how to plan or run your local level consultation, contact the consultations co-ordinator:

Tichaona Pesanayi
Environment Africa
81 Second Street, Mutare, Zimbabwe
P O Box 2000, Mutare
Email addresses: ; or
Tel/Fax: + 263 20 63504/67762
Cell: + 263 91 38 64 38

B. Individual contributions :

Visit the SADC Regional Environmental Education Programme website on . Fill in the questionnaire or write a submission on any of the workshop questions in the workshop toolkit, or write in to share your experience and views.

All contributions should be sent in to Elizabeth Martens by no later than 31 August 2005 .

Please join us in this process!

Mumsie Gumede
Manager: SADC Regional Environmental Education Programme

SADC Regional Environmental Education Programme