The Centre is continually building up “country libraries” of environmental education materials and a computer database of these resources. There are currently over 2000 resources available at the Centre. Three directories on people, places and publications were produced based on the information existent in our database and are available at the Centre. These are produced in both printed and electronic versions, are updated regularly, and are valuable tools for networking.

A review of existing materials in the SADC region is often done prior to developing new resources. One way in which the Regional EE Programme has endeavoured to facilitate this is through its collection and housing of environmental education resource materials from the SADC region in ‘Country Cupboards’ at the Regional EE Centre. All the SADC member states have a ‘Country Cupboard’ where country materials on environmental and management issues are displayed as well as environmental education materials. The adaptation and re-development of existing materials, where appropriate, can save time and resources and can also provide suggestions for improving or modifying the original resource.


SADC Regional Environmental Education Programme